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Fall Glow

Happy September! I don't know about you, but I am so ready for fall temps to get here! While we're all waiting for it to cool down, let's escape the heat with this gorgeous fall beauty look I created. I love how makeup changes seasonally. It's so inspiring and such a cost effective way to freshen up your look. You can achieve this look at all different price points and ingredient preferences.  

This year, there are so many beautiful autumn hues to try. Everything from your traditional warm tones to rose-gold lip colors. The great thing about warm tones is they tend to look good on many different skin tones as well as hair and eye colors. 

Here are my 4 favorite beauty tips to transition your makeup from summer to fall:

1. Warm It Up - Don't be afraid to experiment with a slightly darker lip color. Cooler days call for warm lips. I used a warm-nude lip stain on Danielle. Bold without being overdone. And it won't budge for my PSL drinkers out there!

2. Go for the Glow - We tend to think of bronzer and shimmer for summer months, but fall screams golden glow to me. Try a highlighter with a dose of gold. Use it on areas of your face that you want to bring forward. Especially the cheekbones!

3. Copper & Rose Gold Eyeshadow - Nothing is prettier than catching a glimpse of a warm, shimmery, copper eyeshadow on someone's eyelids. So simple yet polished.

4. Undefined Brows - Yep, I said it. I love a pair of well-groomed and microbladed brows like so many others, but I also love a naturally defined brow. Meaning, you don't overly shape your brows, rather you follow your natural shape and only fill-in sparse areas for an understated yet polished look.

I hope as cooler temps set in and we get ready to enjoy all the great this the fall season brings that you'll be inspired to try something different. Even if you incorporate one of these tips would be fun. 

Thank you follow along on my return to blogging! I have missed it so much. I'm excited to share all of the fun things we have coming your way. Until then, I you decided to try any of these tips, please tag me at @laurensnowbeauty using the hashtag #lovelywithlauren so I can see your magic!


Special thanks to Danielle & Katelyn for their help modeling and shooting the images for this blog post. You both are lovely from the inside out!