Lauren Snow
March 3rd, 2014

Face your future: Aging

Face Your Future: Aging

Last week Marc Jacobs Beauty announced that Jessica Lange, age 64, will be the new face of his campaign. On that same note, Nars announced that 68-year-old Charlotte Rampling will be their muse. And just in case you missed it, Sharon Osbourne, age 61, can be seen in the new MAC Summer 2014 campaign along side daughter Kelly. 

With all this age talk in the beauty world, I can't help but think of my own personal obsession with age. Let me back-up to explain... A year ago, I went with my parents to visit some old friends they hadn't seen in over 25 years. When we arrived at Loews in Tucson, my parents quickly introduced me to their lifelong friends. They both looked at me in utter shock... the lady friend instantly hugged me and pulled away slowly to stare directly into my eyes (it would have been totally awkward for 99.9% of people, but I am a hugger, so I went with it!). The lady looked at my dad and said, "Oh my goodness, Lauren looks just like your mother (my grandmother) when she was young."

It has been that very comment that has haunted me since. It got me thinking about what I will look like when I'm 75. It prompted me to ask my mom to send me any pictures she had of my grandmother at my age to see the resemblence. It's strange how you only remember certain people old, like grandparents or Sean Connery, right? You tend to forget that at one point they were the exact same age as you. Would I look exactly my grandmother? Would I age as gracefully as her? What about my own mother? Would I look as young as she does when I'm her age?

After my trip to Tucson with my parents, It was the first time I actually started thinking about aging in the real sense (as in passing of time and not just wrinkles). My philosophy on aging has been stolen from my oldest sister Maureen. She once told me: the beauty about aging is that you don't do it alone, everyone does it with you at the same time. We can't stop it. It will happen to you and me. With that very mindset (thanks Mo), I've always viewed aging as a beautiful thing. Something to embrace rather than fear. Something to prepare for and not run from. Something to be proud of and respected.

Do I want to be the best possible version of myself? Yes, of course. But that counts for me at any age. Do I purchase anti-aging skincare products? Yep, with the best possible ingredients to work their magic. Do I wear SPF religiously? Wouldn't leave home without it. Do I want to be 21 forever? No way! To be honest,  I didn't want to be 21 when I was 21... I wanted to be, well, older. Do I stand-up and clap for Marc Jacobs Beauty for featuring Jessica Lange as their new face? Absolutely! I think there are so many interesting factors that make Jessica Lange beautiful aside from just her physical appearance.

Between working for the skincare company philosophy and listening really well to my mom over the years, here are 5 aging truths I believe.

1. Family tree: if you want to see how you will age, take a look around at your grandmother, mother, and aunts. This has been so apparent to me when we do weddings. You get the chance to see three generations of women standing side-by-side. 

2. Wear SPF: We all know that factors from the sun like UVA and UVB rays damage our skin. Never leave home without SPF. And don't forget your hands too! Click here to undertand SPF better.

3. Do something lovely: When you do something good you feel good. And that translates to the outside. Just look at a picture of any humanitarian. There is a glow about them.

4. Invest in good skincare: Take care of your skin. Invest in good skincare that works for your skin type. There are so many amazing products out there at every price point. No excuses. 

5. Take care of your pearly whites: If you talk with anyone who is older, they will always mention they would have taken better care of their teeth. It's somethng that is so important to your overall health. Click here to see my favorite DIY natural teeth whitener.

What are your thoughts on aging? Do you have any truths that you would love to share? Have you had that moment when you realize that it's happening? Can you see your future self in a relative? When you do think about aging, think of what Mo taught me... you don't do it alone, we'll all be right there with you growing older together. 

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