Lauren Snow
January 31st, 2014

pretty simple: how to use a mascara shield

{I just want to start this post by saying thank you for reading this blog! I wholeheartedly thank you! The main reason I started this blog was to share beauty tips & techniques I've learned along the way while working in the cosmetic and beauty industry for the past 10+ years. I'm sharing all of this with you just like I would share it with my own sisters. I hope you will continue to read and feel inspired just as you have inspired me to continue typing away at this computer.}

pretty simple: how to use a mascara shield

After I posted the 12 Days of Mascara, I got a few emails asking for a good tip on how to avoid mascara transfer to the top and lower eyelids when applying mascara. Instead of doing a tutorial, I thought it might be easier to do a quick video to show you how to use a mascara shield. I've been using a mascara shield forever. It is the best tip for avoiding that pesky transfer. If you ever have to apply mascara to someone else (even if you are not a professional makeup artist - think helping your grandma at the wedding or little sister doing their makeup for the first time) remember this tip. It's the easiest way to do it. I use a shield on all of our clients. Give it a try. I hope you have a smudge-free mascara day!

p.s. - Okay, it may not be "all the rage in the cosmetic tools world right now" (I can't help that I get so excited about these things!), but I've started to notice them a lot more, even at Target!

side note: The likelihood of getting a paper cut near your eye while using a mascara shield card is slim to none! When this happened to me on my lower lash line, I was in a elevator looking at the mirror and going down while in Las Vegas (hence the awkward chuckle in the video above). Probably not the best idea. Gotta love those moments. Oh the things I've done for makeup! Happy Friday!

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January 29th, 2014

Lovely inspiration.

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January 28th, 2014

Me and You & Dry Shampoo

Me and You Need Dry Shampoo!

Have you ever tried a dry shampoo? If not, you need to! It willl change your life. If you are like me, you don't wash your hair every single day. Some days, I just don't have the time. And how could we? It's not like we haven't been doing one or more of the following: studying for school, volunteering, caring for precious little ones, fur babies, or maybe even aging parents/grandparents, working (late on a presentation, of course!), traveling for work (middle seat again?), running your household (that laundry ain't gonna wash itself), spending time with your one and only special somebody, catching-up with friends & family, and trying to squeeze in a workout and that dentist appointment, right? Oh yeah, and don't forget to put on some lipstick while doing EVERYTHING! We are busy and (to be completely honest) it's so time consuming to wash and style hair every single day. We are not Beyonce. We don't have a full glam squad on-call at all times! 

So, what's a gal to do? Dry shampoo. Say it with me. Dry shampoo. If you don't own one, you must! It will change your life and help to lengthen the time between washes. It absorbs oil from your scalp and hair in a snap! It's good for those days when you're in a hurry and don't have time to commit to washing and styling. Plus, hair stays healthy without blow drying and styling it every single day. Win - win.

I put together a list of 8 dry shampoos worth trying. You can find them anywhere from CVS to Sephora. My favorite is Bastiste (the one I'm holding above)! And my sister Toni swears by Pssssst. I hope you find one that works for you. Happy Dry Shampoo Day! 

1. Bumble and bumble Pret-a-Powder {$26}

2. Batiste {$7.99}

3. Pssssst {$.5.99}

4. Aveeno Pure Renewal {$8.99}

5. Oscar Blandi {$25}

6. Not Your Mother's {$5.99}

7. Tigi Bed Head Rockaholic {$20.99}

8. Ojon Full Detox {$24}

p.s. - I love velcro rollers! They are so easy to use and give your hair MAJOR volume! Think Victoria's Secret model hair. Try them along with your dry shampoo for a perfect blowout look (that's maybe 2 days old).

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January 25th, 2014

Gorgeous in glasses.

Gorgeous in glasses. 

I have worn glasses for as long as I can remember, My world changed when I got my first pair in elementary school. Being able to actually see the board in school was such sweet relief. I will never forget my first pair... They were red-rimmed with a tiny round picture of Smurfette on the arms. So cute! I knew at that moment in 1st grade when I picked them out, that glasses would always be one of the coolest accessories! In middle school and high school, I rotated between wearing glasses and contacts. Then, when I was in college, I found myself wearing my glasses more and contacts less. It was probably all those late-night study sessions that compelled me to give my burning eyes a break from contacts and wear glasses. Now, I try to wear my glasses as much as possible. Not only do I get so tired of wearing contacts (too scared to get lasik), but there are endless styles at every price point from Dolce & Gabbana to Warby Parker to choose from!

Over the years I've learned a few things about wearing makeup and glasses together. Most of my tips are from trial and error. It's never fun when you take off your glasses only to discover foundation all over them and not on your face.

Here are my 6 best tips for wearing makeup and glasses together!

1. Foundation: Go mineral or matte. I find that it is best to stick with a foundation that won't rub-off very easily. Just don't forget to set your foundtion with loose powder to absorb any oil and set foundation. Click here to see perfect foundations.

2. Eyelashes: Major volume and/or falsies. So much attention is focused on your eyes... you want to make a impact with your lashes. I would use volumizing mascara or even add falsies. One thing to mention if you decide to wear fake eyelashes: Give them a length test before guling them on. Sometimes, if they are too long, they can hit you lenses on the inside and bother you all day. Don't forget you can always trim them with scissors before gluing them on, too. Here is one of my video tutorials on how-to apply faux lashes in case you need a help with that!

3. Brows: Define the shapeThere's a reason Martin Scorsese rocks those brows! It is so impotant to define your eyebrows when you wear glasses. Especially if your glasses are on the bigger side, like mine. It helps to frame and balance your face. A must.

4. Lips: Be bold. I've found that I am always able to get away with a bold lip when I am wearing glasses. It's a perfect time to try a color that you've always wanted to wear. Oxblood, perhaps? 

5. Cheeks: A bit more blush. Be sure to add a little extra blush to warm up your face. Click here to see some favorite blushes.

6. Highlight and contour: Give your face dimension. This tip is so important when wearing glasses. Areas like the nose, forehead, and under eye area are so important to highlight and contour. This helps to bring features we want forward and other features to recede. Click here to learn how to shade and hightlight.

This post is dedicated to all the gorgeous gals out there who wear glasses. Not only because they look cool (thanks Hipsters for making that happen), but because they need them to see! Hope these tips help next time you wear your lovely specs!

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January 14th, 2014

Don't Flake: How-To Avoid Raccoon Eyes


The only thing worse than having raccon eyes, is not knowing you have raccoon eyes. Until (after an important meeting), you casually walk to the ladies' room and look at yourself in the mirror, only to find out that it looks like you got punched in both eyes. Are you with me on this one? Has this ever happened to you? Are you smiling right now because you can totally relate to this? Darn raccoon eyes! Don't let them get the best of you. It happens to all of us! Narrowing down the culprit that causes raccoon eyes can be tricky. Sometimes bad mascara is to blame, sometimes it's your body chemistry, and sometimes other makeup factors play a role. Women ask me how to prevent raccoon eyes all the time. I'm going to share with you what I tell them. Here are my 7 tips on how to avoid the dreaded raccoon eyes. I've picked up a thing or two over the years. I hope one of these tips works for you!

Tip #1: Try using a waterproof mascara that won't budge. It helps mascara from running, especially if you know waterworks are in-store that day. We use it on every single bride we work with.

Tip #2: Out with the old. Be sure to toss out mascara every 2 - 3 months. Old mascara flakes. We all know in our hearts when it's time to say goodbye! Say goodbye.

Tip #3: Seal your lashes with clear mascara. I like to compare it to putting clear polish on your nails to finish off your mani. Make sure your last coat of mascara is completely dry before you add clear mascara. 

Tip #4: Try a lash primer. Similar concept to a foundation primer, it's main purpose is to extend the wear of mascara and prevent flaking. Many lash primers have added benefits like pro-vitamin B5 that helps to condition lashes. Another major bonus is that lash primer will increase the volume and length of your lashes. Win - win!

Tip #5: Avoid applying eye cream to eye lids. It may leave them too moisturized causing mascara to travel all over the place. If you can't give it up, wait until it is completely aborbed before you apply mascara or eye makeup.  

Tip #6: Try tubing. Try a tube-technology mascara made with acrylic polymers that form tiny little tubes around your lashes. Once it dries it won't flake, smudge, smear, even if you cry or rub your eyes. How do you get it off? You need warm water and a bit of pressure to remove the mascara at night. It's really interesting to see the tiny tubes come off. I only wish it gave more length and volume. If you are thinking of giving it a try, I would go with Blinc.

Tip #7: Dust loose powder on you eyelids and over under eye concealer to absorb any mositure so mascara doesn't travel. If your eyes are not sensitive, you can also apply a light dusting of loose powder to your lashes. It adds volume and does help with flaking. Old school trick.

Give one of these tips a try! If all else fails, there are always lash extensions or falsies! 

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January 13th, 2014

The 12 Days of Mascara Recap.

The 12 Days of Mascara Tips

Okay, I'm just gonna say it... that was a lot of mascara! In case you haven't noticed I take mascara very, very seriously. And why shouldn't I? According to the average American women will spend $3,770 on mascara in her lifetime (that's more than eyeshadow & lipstick). If we're spending that much money it better be on something that gives us results, right? 

The beauty of living in this modern makeup world is there's so many great products at every price point. Gone are the days of paying a fortune to get a decent mascara. We have so many options! It's just a matter of trying them, finding out what works, then sharing the information. That was my goal with The 12 Days of Mascara! My greatest hope is that you NEVER buy another mascara that's a flat-out disappointment. Hopefully, these tips will help you the next time you're on the search for your perfect mascara.

1. You can never go wrong with Maybelline. Seriously. I'm a fan! For the price point and the results their macaras deliver. You can't go wrong! I purchased The Rocket & The Flasies (I didn't review Falsies on the blog), and was surprised by how good they are! 

 2. Brush up on your mascara (wands). All the rage right now in mascaras is the unique wands. I've found the more exotic the brush, the more claims the mascara makes of being the best. Be sure to do your research on what kind of wand the mascara has before you make a purchase. It does matter. You want one that actually works and not just looks cool. 

3.You don't always get what you pay for (sometimes you get more and sometimes you get less). True story. I think sometimes we forget the definintion of luxury and we automatically think that since something costs more it should automatically be better. A luxury item has extravagance. Meaning there are certain little things that just make you so darn happy.  It doesn't always mean it's the best as far as results. For example, I loved using my YSL Shocking mascara every morning because it smelled like rose water! Did it give me good results? Sure. Did it give over-the-top results that would help me justify spending $30 on a tube of mascara when Maybelline's The Rocket gave me great results at $5.99? No. Did I love waking-up each morning and smelling rose water to start my day? Of course! As consumers, it's really up to use to decide what's worth it to us and where we want to spend our money. Believe me, if YSL Shocking mascara didn't give good results, I would have toss it in my drawer of misfit makeup no matter how much I loved the smell!

4. Live a little, save a lot! ULTA and Walgreens are your friend. You can save so much money. Trust me. They always have a Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal going on with with makeup. It such a great way to try something new in the mass cosmetics department. Buy your favorite mascara and try something completely new for free! It's all about trial and error. 

5. Curl your lashes. I curled my lashes everyday while reviewing these 12 mascaras. It helps to determine if a mascara is good or not. If the mascara holds your lash curl as the day goes on, it's most likely a keeper! Try it!

Thanks again for reading! If you have a favorite mascara that you swear by, I'd love to know. You can message me on Facebook here, leave me a note below, or email me at I would love to try it!

p.s. - In case you're wondering, I didn't find a "perfect" mascara. Three of them came really close (Maybelline The Rocket, Benefit They're Real & Smashbox Full Exposure) and got 4 out of 5 snowflakes. Thus, my mission continues... I'll keep you posted!


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January 12th, 2014

Day 12: Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara

Day 12: Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara

How many of you have ever tried a Rimmel product? Maybe the cool marketing with Kate Moss lured you in? Or maybe you wanted to get The London Look like their tagline suggests? 

I've used Rimmel's lipsticks in the past and I really like them! I was so confident that their mascara would provide the same great results at a reasonable price point. Boy, was I wrong! I was so unimpressed with this mascara. I mean, it was not good. It flaked, smeared, and didn't provide length or volume! This mascara was way more Sid Vicious & Nancy than Kate Moss by the end of my day (I had major raccoon eyes). And that's not The London Look I was going for (at least not on this day). 

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January 6th, 2014

Day 11: Avon Mega Effects Mascara

Day 11: Avon Mega Effects Mascara

How many of you have ever tried an Avon or mark product? This was my first time. I must admit, it is so fun to look through their campaign booklets! 

Mega Effects mascara was featured in several magazines during the fall (including InStyle & Lucky). All the buzz has been over the Wonderbrush. It looks like a mini paintbrush. There is a major learning curve when applying this mascara. If you can get past that part without complete frustration, you have mastered this mascara. My biggest challenge with Mega Effects was the formula is too wet. I had to wait a few minutes for each coat to completely dry before applying the next one. As the night went on, this mascara started to flake. Overall, I think the brush is really neat and does a great job of showing results in just one coat, but the time it takes to get the desired look is way too long. I wish that the formula gave more length and didn't flake. Has anyone else tried this one? 

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January 1st, 2014

Day 10: YSL Shocking Mascara

Day 10: YSL Shocking Mascara

It seems like I've given a lot of 3 out of 5 snowflakes during the past 12 days. The truth is so many of them have been average. I wish I had more to tell you, but that's the plain truth. Sad to say my beloved YSL was no different. For many of you that read this blog you know how much I adore my YSL lipsticks. They're amazing! The packaging, the colors, the peachy smell -- everything about them is perfect. Perfect! To be honest, I was a little biased (okay, maybe a lot!) going into my week with the YSL Shocking mascara. I had high hopes that the mascara would live up to my lipsticks expectations... Not the case. 

So, can you justify spending $30 on a mascara when the overall performance is average? Maybe. There are a few small luxuries that did set it apart from many of the others that only YSL could offer.  If love scents (like I do), you will love the smell. It smells like rose water. Seriously, rose water! The lovely rose water scent was a nice way to start-off my day (it's the little things, right?). The mascara itself is a super deep black color which helps with the appearance of fuller lashes, total bonus. It also has pro-vitamin B5 which helped my lashes feel so soft. Aside from that, it's performance was okay. I expected for the price point it would blow all the others out of the (rose) water!

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