Lauren Snow
February 28th, 2014

Make it pop!

Make it pop!

Happy Friday! This blog post was inspired by a reader named Emily. She emailed me last week to ask if I thought the look Jessica Biel has on (picture above) was wearable in "real time". Emily said she LOVED this look and was unsure if she could pull it off without looking like weird.

My answer: You bet you can pull it off! In fact, I think this look is so fresh and colorful -- perfect for Spring. Plus, this looks good on everyone. All you need to do is pick out a bold color that you LOVE. I told Emily, the way I like to think of bold makeup looks, is to comapre it to a special occasion outfit. We all have one outfit waiting to meet it's destiny sitting in our closets, right? Think of makeup the same way... I wouldn't wear this look to a job interview, but I would wear it to my sister Toni's house warming party in Scottsdale (while sipping a Mint Julep)! 

Here are some other tips to remember when planning to wear this bold eye liner look this Spring.

1. Keep it simple: I would recommend wearing the bold liner on either your upper lash line or lower lash line. Not both. If you rimmed your entire eyes with this bold color it would just be too much!

2. Basic black: Add basic black liner to add a touch of polish to the look. It can go Rainbow Brite really quick it you don't have that balance -- trust me on this one!

3. Minimal makeup: Take it from Jessica Biel. Keep all other makeup minimal and simple. All attention is on your eyes. No need to add falsies or bright lipstick/blush to compete with that.

4. Color pop: Play around with differnt colors. My favorite bold eye liners are the Stila Smudge Sticks. The liners go on easily and the color pay-off is perfect! 

5. Trend shop: You don't have to spend a fortune to get this makeup look. Many brands have similar eye liner colors for less than $5. I'll meet you at Walgreens!

I really hope you will try this look. If I can wear it (and be pictured next to the stunning Jessica Biel - I must really love you Emily!!!  ;), so can you!

And in honor of Friday and Jessica Biel's hubs, here is our jam! Happy weekend! xo

* image of Jessica Biel are from Getty Images.

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