Lauren Snow
November 14th, 2013

Peepers are pretty!

Lovely thoughts: "How do I make my eyes look bigger?" Okay, I probably get this question once a week! The answer is super simple. Line your lower water line and inner corners with either white or nude eyeliner and avoid black eyeliner on your inner rims. Here's the way it works and how I like to expalin it:

FANCY PANTS When I say "white pants", what do you think of? Maybe you think of Labor Day, maybe you think of Summer time? Or maybe you have a vision of how you think you look in white pants. The thought may cross your mind that they will make you look bigger, right? Regardless of your shape and size, and if you love them or hate them, the truth is white tends to make all things look bigger. This is the same thought process about white liner. When you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter, you wear white or nude liner. Wear nude liner for a more subtle and natural look (but it does the same trick in a less obvious way).

Now, when I say "black pants", what do you think of? Maybe you think of work, maybe you think of Lululemon pants? Or maybe you think they'll make you look slimmer or smaller? Same rule applies with black eyeliner. When you want to define your eyes or create a smoldering look, you use black.

Get it? I use this example all the time and feel it creates a good visual. Because we all know what it's like to wear white and black pants!

Now here are a few more secrets along with using white/nude eyeliner to help make your eyes look bigger.

1.  Shade your crease slightly above the brow bone. This helps create the illusion of a lifted eye or a more open eye. Try it.

2. Shade under your lower lash line with the same crease shadow. This helps to balance they eye and make them appear more rested. 

3. Frame your face by defining brows. Okay, eyebrows are so important. They can change the look of your entire face. When your face has a frame (defined eyebrows) the focus now becomes the picture (your eyes). 

4. Line your lower water line with white or nude liner. Use white liner for a wide- open-eye and nude liner for a more subtle eye (depending on your skintone, eye color, and hair color, a nude liner may look more natural and less chalky). Don't forget to line the inner corners of your eye to help make eyes appear wider. Click here to see my favorite white liner fromn Studio Gear Cosmetics. And click here to see my absolute favorite nude liner called Inline/Outline, also from Studio Gear. This pencil can be used to liner lower waterline to make eyes pop, be used as a concealer for small areas, use to outline lips to make them appear fuller, and not to mention it's a great highlighter!

5. Use lots and lots of mascara. I love mascara. If you read my blog you may know that I'm on a mission to find the perfect one. Mascara is key to completing any eye look. When you put on your mascara concentrate on wiggle the wand at the base of the center lashes and fan them out. Majorly helps in opening the eye. For a big impact add some faux lashes! 

I hope my little cheat sheet helps next time you want all eyes (no pun intended) on your peepers!

p.s. - I do love white pants regardless!

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