Lauren Snow
April 26th, 2013

Getting ready is beautiful.

Beautiful: Weddings are beautiful. It's always such a privilege to be invited to such an intimate part of the day with the bride in her getting ready room. It is in this room that laughs are had, dancing takes place, champagne is sipped, old stories are shared, and nerves are eased. It is a very personal time for the bride and her bridal party to get pampered by getting their makeup and hair done and to get dressed for the wedding. If there is ever a time that makeup can bring a group of women together, it would be on this beautiful day, in the bride's getting ready room!

Gorgeous: Emmy's mom said it best when she saw Emmy right after her makeup and hair were done and said, "Absolutely stunning!"  Diana Elizabeth (who photographed the wedding) said that the photos can't do the wedding justice because it was that beautiful! As for me, this is by far one of my favorite weddings. It was perfect!

Makeup: When Emmy and I met for our consultation, she decided that she wanted to do a smokey eye for her wedding day along with raspberry colored lip. I created a look for her based on the overall inspiration of her wedding (hair, dress, flowers, colors, etc.). We decided on a clean smokey eye, flawless and radiant skin, with a light raspberry colored lipgloss.

I've already received a few emails asking me what color Emmy wore on her lips. The color we selected was Smashbox Limitless Longwear Lipgloss in Sheer Raspberry. Love it!

Do something lovely: If you are getting married, please promise me you will consider hiring a professional makeup artist. Here are my 5 lovely reasons why:

1. Comfort level with makeup: Maybe you are not that comfortable with makeup? Or maybe your don't feel comfortable applying it? That's okay. Hire a professional makeup artist that will collaborate with you to find your perfect look!

2.  Knowlege: Makeup artists are skilled on color theory and application. They have all the tools to ensure you look and feel your best on your wedding day. Leave it to the pros!

3. Camera Ready: You are making a significant investment in your wedding photos, you want to be sure that your makeup translates in photographs. You will have them forever and ever!

4. Cohesive look for the bridal party: You want to be sure that that the entire bridal party wears makeup that compliments yours, the bride. It is so important that everyone looks good!

5. Stress free: It's such a busy day. The last thing on your mind should be finding your eyelash curler. It should be a lovely experience not a stressful one!

Special thanks to Emmy for inviting us into her getting ready room! You made such a beautiful bride. Angela, Shannon, and I had the best time with you and all your lovely bridesmaids. I wish you and Ian a lifetime of love and happiness!

Special thanks to Diana Elizabeth for featuring me on her blog where Emmy found my company and for these gorgeous pictures! To Rachel Troyan from Outstanding Occasions for helping coordinate makeup and hair on the big day. And to Lisa Palacios from Sachi Salon for helping us get these lovelies ready and for sharing the getting ready room with us! xo

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