Lauren Snow
December 19th, 2012

Hope is beautiful.

Beautiful: Hope is beautifuI. I know a lot about hope, especially during this past year. It's the little surprise of goodness that happens in the midst of all the not-so-good stuff. The chance opportunity that transpires into a happy outcome. The meant-to-be meeting that results in lasting friendship or love. What I've learned in 2012 is to never give up hope. It's kind of like a whisper from above saying maybe. Just when things feel completely hopeless, something beautiful always happens to restore our hope.

Gorgeous: This is what I hope for you this Holiday: that you are surrounded with good friends, that you hold your loved ones tight, that you get everything on your wishlist, that you enjoy a good drink, that you indulge just a little too much on sweets, that you listen to good music, that you travel safely, that you take a moment to count your blessings (both big and small), that you laugh really hard, that you stay up way too late talking and reminiscing, that you take a ton of pictures, and that you make every moment count all while looking absolutely gorgeous! Have a very merry Christmas!

Makeup: Silver and Gold always remind me of Holiday time! I thought you might be in a festive mood and want to incorporate these precious metals into your Holiday look. Here are a few of my favorites (I couldn't pick just 5)!

I. Smashbox O-Gloss Gold Intuitive Lip Gloss...$23. Details: I love this gloss! It goes on gold and changes into a pretty peachy-gold shimmer. You can wear it alone or over another lipstick for an added glow. It looks different on everyone! (image

II. Guerlain L'Or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold...$71. Details: This is worth every penny! It's a complexion-perfecting gel infused with 24-carat gold that smoothes lines and wrinkles and helps retain moisture. It's so beautiful on the skin. Apply before your foundation to give your skin a glow! Love! (image

III. Estee Lauder Limited Edition Zodiac Compact (shown in my sign, Virgo)...$70. Details: What's your sign? It's a gold compact with a birthstone clasp. The compact has Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder in the small refill size. (image

IV. Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo...$12. Details: Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Good news is this duo is now only $12. Bad news is it is only available on  Super silky and great shimmer to highlight eyes (brow bone and inner corners). Only problem is the packaging is a bit hard to open. Sad to see it go Sephora. (image

V. Sephora Collection Flashy Liner Waterproof in Flashy Silver...$8. Details: This is one of my all time favorite liners! To hightlight and brighten the eyes use it in the inner corners of the eyes. Glides on easy with a gorgeous shimmer that lasts! (image

VI. Bare Escentuals Buxom Lipgloss in Dominique...$19. Details: One of my favorites! Clear gloss that has iridescent micro silver shimmer. The lip plumping polish creates the look of a fuller lip while it's infused with Vitamin A and E. Good news, no parabens or sulfates! (image

VII. Lancome Color Design Infinite in Unlimited Silver...$24.50. Details: Creamy, powdery, eye shadow that is super blendable and has a 24-hour wear! You'll love this metallic silver shadow to help create a smoky eye look! (image

Do something lovely: It's not too late do something lovely this Christmas. Even if you give just a dollar to The Salvation Army's traditional red kettles as you leave from your Holiday shopping. Remember, no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.

Special thanks to Tricia Hope Logston who was the brilliant mind behind the inception of my logo. She used to lend me her compact everyday in 9th grade English class  so I could check my CoverGirl Bronze Goddess lipgloss! She has taught me that time nor distance could ever change true friendship. You are gold, my darling friend!

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